About Reanimated Radio

What is Reanimated Radio?

Reanimated Radio is a 24/7 Christian metal internet radio station. We also bring you news, devotionals, various articles, music videos and much more. Reanimated Radio was the result of multiple stations and shows coming together in unity to achieve a common goal; that goal is to spread the love of Christ through metal.

Why Reanimated Radio?

The name Reanimated has many meanings for us both spiritually and personally. Here is the rundown on our name:

1. Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead (reanimated)

2. As Christians we have forsaken our flesh and become a new creation in Christ (reanimated)

3. The staff of Reanimated Radio has come from multiple Christian radio stations which were forced to shutdown early 2016 due to new CRB rulings. Through this station our radio shows themselves have also been “reanimated”.