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Circle of Dust – Contagion


It is true, Circle of Dust has returned and is not only re-mastering the band’s entire catalogue, but recording a brand new original album. Although there have been numerous Circle of Dust re-releases, never have the releases been re-mastered by Klayton himself. You can keep up to date on the re-releases and new music at Circle of Dust’s official website.

In addition to these re-masters last week saw the release of the first new Circle of Dust song in 20 years! Yes thats right, believe it or not it has been 20 years since the last Circle of Dust release. If you were not signed up to the band’s mailing list for early access you can now listen to their brand new song Contagion on Youtube.

According to Klayton a music video is currently in the works. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new song.


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One thought on “Circle of Dust – Contagion”

  1. Norman Cruz says:

    Has a little of the sound of the last album they released under the COD name (Disengage) and maybe a little of the original self-titled release. Not quite the bass-heavy sound of past COD albums, but still very much in the COD vein. Killer track, overall.


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