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Crimson Moonlight Returns!


It is absolutely undeniable that Crimson Moonlight is regarded as one of the greatest (un)black metal bands in the Christian scene. Sadly though their last full length album, Veil of Remembrance was released in 2004, followed by the EP In Depths of Dreams Unconscious in 2007. Being more than a decade since a full length release it seemed all hope was lost for a new record.

Fast forward 12 years later to 2016, out of nowhere Crimson Moonlight has a new album ready to unleash upon the metal masses. Still signed to the legendary Endtime Productions, their new album titled Divine Darkness is scheduled to hit the stores in the US and Europe on the 26th of February, which is only a matter of days at this point. If that’s not enough to get you excited take a look at the official press release from Endtime:
“The moon glows a deeper shade of blood signalling the return of cult Swedish extreme metallers Crimson Moonlight.

Time has culled no fury and “DIVINE DARKNESS” is their hardest and most intense album to date. Crisp, cold crimson fire is bursting forth from first note to last – a new circle of hell is blasted open with every play.

Ferocious and focused, their vicious song writing will take you on an otherworldly journey exploring the themes of Grief, Majestic Wonder and Divine Darkness.

Immerse yourself in the Radiance of Divine Darkness and find the solace that your soul so desires… Embraced by the Darkest of Light!”
Below is the official track listing and band line-up:

Track listing:
01. The Dogma Of Chalcedon
02. The Suffering
03. Divine Darkness
04. I Am Tribulation
05. Voistinu Voskrese
06. Kingdom Of The Wolf
07. Dusk
08. In Silence, In Chains

Crimson Moonlight line-up:
Pilgrim Bestiarius XII: Vocals
Gustav Elowson: Drums & Samples
Per Sundberg: Guitars, Bass & Synth
Johan Wold Ylenstrand: Guitars & Bass


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