• Blake Sherwin

    Since discovering Christian metal in his youth Blake has always had a passion for reaching out to metal heads. Blake operated Metal Blessing Radio from 2008 until early 2016 and also ran White Noise Radio for a few years. In addition to being ... Read More »
  • David Garrison

    The Master's Metal was originally aired from 1994-1996 via a college (cable) radio station (KBCC). The broadcast was also carried, for a short time, on two terrestrial FM radio stations (KRAB and KHIS). The format included Christian Hard Rock and ... Read More »
  • John Carthew

    Hey guys I'm John and I'm from Bournemouth in sunny England. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and reaching out to the wider metal community through extreme metal. I have one daughter, am single and love getting inked up!! My ... Read More »
  • Dave Kruse

    Dave became a Christian in the fall of 2001 and soon after, got into Christian metal. Dave had been a metalhead for quite some time, growing up on the heavy metal of the 80’s. Dave was the DJ/Producer of the ... Read More »
  • Frank Hanley

    I have always been a huge metalhead since I was a kid. The music, bands and shows were my form of worship growing up because I did not know Jesus at that time. In 2010 I was a Co-manager of ... Read More »
  • Kelly Matthews

    Divine Aggression Thursday nights @ 5 PM - CST I have been in the Christian rock and metal music business since 1990. I started broadcasting in terrestrial radio in 1991 and that continued on and off through 2006. I developed a ... Read More »
  • Cindy Gilkey

    Ten years ago a friend told me “You should start a Christian metal radio station. I’ll help you.”  At the time, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Christian metal.  A little research on the internet showed ... Read More »
  • Larry Versaw

    Metal For Christ / Unblack Horde Wednesdays @ 8pm My first Christian rock/metal exposure was in the late 80's The Oklahoma City station played bands like Petra, Sweet Comfort Band, Whiteheart, Rez Band and Stryper. When I moved out of ... Read More »
  • Necromanicide

    G'day, I'm Necromanicide (Necro) and come from the fictitious land of Tasmania! (Yes, I once tried to get a flight from the USA back to Tasmania, and the US travel agent insisted they couldn't sell me an airline ticket to ... Read More »
  • Ben Aldrich

    I have been saved since I was 5 years old. As long as I can remember, I have had a passion for music. I developed my music tastes into metal, punk and all sorts of underground music. I have always ... Read More »
  • The Vociferator

    I began my relationship with Jesus after attempting suicide and dealing with rage issues in 2012. During the same year, I also learned about the extremities of music from Grindcore to HNW to Extratone. I have explored the depths of ... Read More »
  • Jethro Flack

    My name is Jethro, metal was part of the reason why I became Christian and believe in Jesus today. For many years now Jesus has been the centre of my existence. I am South African, hailing from Johannesburg. I am ... Read More »
  • John Corral

    John is a Bible-believing Christian who believes living a Christian lifestyle versus following a religion is a closer relationship to Jesus. As a photographer, it has been amazing to see what a lens can capture whether it be nature, family ... Read More »
  • DJ Whosoever (Timo)

    Timo (DJ Whosoever) has spent many years involved in some way with the Christian music industry and has seen well over 400 + shows. Becoming a Christian at the age of 5, he has spent many years combating sin & ... Read More »