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Grave Forsaken Working On New Album


grave forsaken

Grave Forsaken is keeping busy these days. This year they released the fantastic album ‘The Fight Goes On” and it appears they are already working on the follow-up album. On their website they posted the following:

G’day, Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. Just letting you know that Josh, Luke, Elias, Matt and myself are still working on the follow up album to “The Fight Goes On”. We have 8 tracks completed and are working on the 9th song. Luke has recorded his basic rhythm guitar track and the next step is for Josh to cut the drums. Then we’ll get Matt and Elias to put their parts down and finally I’ll record the vocals. This final track we are recording is called “We Stand United” and it is a song about the friendship and history we share in this band. Elias and I wrote it together in my music room just like we used to for the early albums. I’m looking forward to recording it.

We haven’t worked out a release schedule for the next album just yet but it will definitely be available either late this year or early next year. It was actually ready to go as an 8 track album but I felt it needed one more song and convinced the others we should write another one! We are using exactly the same setup that we used for the last album so it is stylistically quite similar. Luke wrote most of the music and I contributed some riffs along with Elias. The lyrics were contributed by Matt and myself. All in all, it is a well-rounded Grave Forsaken album. My particular favorite is a track called “It Has Begun” which was written by Luke and Matt. It has a great catchy vibe with some really thought provoking lyrics.

Things have been very quiet on the live front these past couple of years as we’ve focused on recording. However, we are looking to step it up and we have booked some rehearsal time in the coming weeks. We’re looking forward to cranking up those amps and ripping out a few of the old tracks.
Thanks for checking the update and there will be another one real soon.

God Bless and Rock On!


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