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Interview With Francesco Romeggini of S91


S91 is a christian prog metal band from Tuscany. Formed in 2006 their intention was to play prog metal with christian lyrics. S91 have returned, after their successful release of their first full length album entitled Volontà Legata. Their new album ,which is their first all English release is called Behold The Mankind.

We were able to catch up with Francesco Romeggini of S91 to talk about the band and the new concept album and the future.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us at Reanimated Radio. Before we get into any questions. For those who do not know your band, Who are the members of the band?

Francesco Romeggini:
S91 is formed by Maria Londino (vocals), Francesco Londino (keyboards), Giacomo Manfredi (bass), Giacomo Mezzetti (drums) and me (guitars and vocals)

What is the meaning behind the bands name S91?

Francesco Romeggini:
S91 is the abbreviation of Salmo 91, the Italian translation of Psalm 91, so we take our name from that psalm, especially from the verse 11,
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. -Psalm 91:11

Can you tell us about the meaning of the new concept album Behold the Mankind?

Francesco Romeggini:

Behold The Mankind, as you say, is a concept album about the history of mankind by the point of view of Christian theology, we tried to explain the meaning of the Christian faith in this way, like a path from the creation to the revelation. For example in the first song we talk about the creation (of the world, and then of the man), in the second one we talk about the corruption of mankind and then (in “Slaves and Kings”) the birth of a corrupted society. Then we have “The Calling”, who talks about the calling of Abraham as it’s says in the bible. The last four songs speak about the gospel, so we have the birth of Christ, the crucifixion and the resurrection.

So we have tried to explain the Christian faith in this way, through its main paths.

One of my favorites songs is Slaves and Kings. Can you tell me what your favorite is and what does the song means to you?

Francesco Romeggini:
It’s not easy for me to answer, I like all the songs, but I think my favorite one is “The Cry of life”; I like it because of the music, and also because of the guest of Liljegren in the second part, but I also like it for the connection between the lyrics and the music, I think in this song the two sides are perfectly connected

Who wrote the lyrics and music for the album? And do your work out the music first?

Francesco Romeggini:
We write music together, maybe someone has an idea that we develop while rehearsing.

About the lyrics it’s me, Giacomo Manfredi and Maria Londino who  write it.

What are the future plans for S91?

Francesco Romeggini:
Right now we are promoting “Behold the Mankind”, so we’re searching for gigs in Italy and also abroad, for example in September we will play in the Netherlands at Rock Alive Festival, we are very excited about it. We are also writing a new album, we have more than half album ready, the interesting thing is that it’s another concept album, we are trying to create a trilogy of concept albums, “Behold the mankind” is the first chapter and the new album is the second chapter; so we are looking forward to finish it so we can start to record it. Stay tuned for more news

You can pickup the new album and contact the band at

We will be playing a song from the album every week during the Hammer of God Show starting  Monday July 10th at 9pm EST. You can tune in HERE or download the weekly podcasts at Itunes

Label: Underground Symphony
Release Date: November, 7th, 2016

Track listing:

The Cry Of Life
Wandering Souls
Slaves And Kings
The Calling
Blind Revolutions
The Son Of God
The Bloody Revelation


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