Reanimated News

Worry Revisited

Weekly Bible Study #25 This week I want to revisit something we talked about back in January. One thing many of us are all too familiar with is worry, its so easy to become so consumed with your worries that … Read More »


Weekly Bible Study #24 I recall years ago sitting at home one day and I hear my phone ring. I answer the phone and I hear a recording “This is a reminder that your prescription is ready. All you need … Read More »


Weekly Bible Study #23 This week I want to talk to you a bit about repentance. Today we will be traveling through both the old and new testament to get a better understanding of what repentance is and why it … Read More »

The Lord Provides

Weekly Bible Study #22 This week I want to talk a bit about how God provides for us and also share with you an interesting experience Moses went through in the wilderness with the Israelites. I was reading this last … Read More »

Live by Example

Weekly Bible Study #18 Last week we there was some shocking news that most of you are already aware of. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying was arrested for attempting to hire someone to kill his wife, whom he … Read More »


Weekly Bible Study #16 Last week I talked about the body of Christ and this week will be sort of an extension of that message. This time I’d like to talk about competition in the Church. Now when I say … Read More »