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The name of Jesus

Weekly Bible Study #14 This week I wanted to look at the power behind our words, but more specifically the power of the name of Jesus. Also to complement this week’s message I have selected an assortment of songs that … Read More »

Easter – Idols

Weekly Bible Study #11 This week’s Easter message came to me through some simple yet profound lyrics from the As I Lay Dying song “Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier”. This particular line is the final line in the song: … Read More »


Weekly Bible Study #10 This week we are going to look at what the Bible says regarding healing. I have a series of scriptures from the New King James version. Starting with one we probably all know. Isaiah 53:5 … … Read More »

Parable of the Sower

Weekly Bible Study #8 These days there are a lot of Christian bands that use symbolism in their lyrics and all too often they don’t explain them. Lucky for us Jesus clearly explained the meanings of his parables. This week … Read More »

Feed your spirit

Weekly Bible Study #7 This week I want to further elaborate on feeding our spirits, so this week’s scripture comes from Hebrews 5:12. This is from the King James Version. While some aren’t fond of the King James, you will … Read More »

Psalm 150

Weekly Bible Study #6 This week is not so much a Bible study but more of a supplement to the worship metal show this week. I want to share with you a Psalm, in particular Psalm 150. This is taken … Read More »