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[Review] Archseraph – Resurgence


Archseraph is a symphonic deathcore band from Quebec, Canada. The band began in late 2012 and their 2017 ep Resurgence marks the band’s recorded debut apart from a single. Although Resurgence is really just a taste of the band, standing four tracks long with the single included as the bonus track – it does offer a solid perspective on the band.

Personally I have been anticipating this release for some time, the band had thrown out hints of looking into record deals before releasing this ep – I am unsure if the band gave up on this venture or not. The ep has been done independently, I think if any label did turn this down it was a mistake and here is why: first and foremost a lot of this ep is sheer brilliance. The production is on point, with a full wall of sound in each track, including the not completely consistently produced single bonus track – which only varies slightly in its production. The structure and compositions of tracks move smoothly into one another, at times comparable to Ontarian superstars Monolith. Thierry Paquet’s vocals are dynamic and powerful throughout the release, making it sound like a modern metal equivalent of opera, a battle of forces being low and high ranges. Although live shows will not have Thierry doing all vocals, probably because of how demanding that could be, the ep has all its vocals done by him. Thierry’s range moves from clean to harsh and even a mixture right in the middle, harsh cleans take genuine skill that not a lot of vocalists possess. Thierry also being the keyboardist sets a good tone for the symphonic element, even making use of solos. For the stringed section of the band, Heli and William keep things at a low tuning and fairly straightforward – neither one really offers up any kind of a bass or guitar solo. Alex Sanfaçon tends to follow suit with this simplicity. For a band that is so good, the song writing is surprisingly simple for the most part.

Although there is seen to be true beauty here in the simple way songs carry themselves, at times that can work against the band – leading to similar traits in songs and some repetition. The band’s strength mainly comes in song intros and the buildups/climaxes of songs, as a result there are no long songs – making the ep a fairly short affair. However, deathcore doesn’t tend to be the genre for long songs and the emphasis is usually placed on the vocals. When examining top bands like Suicide Silence or Impending Doom, there aren’t really guitar solos or overly complicated song structures. Although Archseraph should fit into this category, I feel as though they stray from the typical deathcore bracket and are leaning more towards death metal. Even when I consider symphonic deathcore bands such as Winds of Plague or Vanguard, it doesn’t entirely seem like Archseraph fit there either. If I had to compare Archseraph to other bands, I’d say from what I know they would bear some semblance to bands like Monolith and mid-era Fleshgod Apocalypse – although not identical in any sense. Archseraph is on its own path, with an excellent debut but with room for things to grow.

I would give this ep 80 out of 100.


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