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[Review] Four Star Revival – The Underdog


The Underdog is NOT the latest of superhero movies featuring a dog with super powers, for that film do a better google search… No this is the new EP from Four Star Revival.  I would best describe this band as late 80’s early 90’s style hard rock with modern metal mixed in and this band should not be overlooked.  While I have not heard anything off of the first album other than the song Red, I have listened to this EP now several times.  With five songs clocking in at 22 minutes you simply cannot escape the hard, driving guitar rhythms and some great drumming and some of the best 80’s style vocals I have ever heard, and I heard a lot of the 80’s stuff.

The album starts off with The Underdog which has a very metal guitar riff and some heavy drumming followed quickly with the vocals, and as the title suggests it is about an underdog who isn’t afraid to put up a fight.  This is to me kind of an anthem type of song.  Anyone who is an underdog at anything in life can relate to this song, I know I can.  About three minutes in there is a solo that shreds as good as any 90’s metal act and then back into the chorus.  The rhythm and pace of this song is constant the whole way through and it is  a solid anthem song to be sure.  Next up is Liar, once again with a strong rhythm with heavy crushing guitars and pounding drums and a very solid bass line that you can’t miss with this one.

Rumors of War is a heavy song with some very surprising melodic aspects to it as well.  The drums here have a collage of tremendous drum fills that bring to my mind images of Lars, Ted or even Tommy Lee.  Putting any drummer in that category is high praise indeed but I feel that with this song especially it is warranted.  Imagine mixing Cage with Def Leppard and a touch of old school Metallica and that is what you have here.  The melody fits nicely in this apocalyptic song of the end times.  Guitar solos here are reminiscent of bands like Kiss, Ted Nugent and King James. Following this is Broken which is almost a power ballad style of song that lets the listener know that EVERYONE is broken, no one is perfect and needs to fixed and the only fix is of course Christ.

Finishing up the album is The Garden Of Good And Evil which is told from the perspective of God.  This song is again heavy with a strong bass and solid drums.  Overall the album as a whole reminds me of some of the Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath, especially in The Garden Of Good And Evil.  One thing that is typically not mentioned in most reviews is the artwork.  The artwork for this album is simply epic featuring what appears to be a Templar knight with a sword in each hand prepared for battle and you just can’t get more metal than that.  Lyrically and musically this album is a very strong solid album all the way through and I simply can’t find a weak area to point out, and believe me I have tried.  While it is only an ep and most know that I prefer full length albums this one is more than worth buying.  I am sure you can get the cd in many places but I recommend Here

Rating: 5 of 5


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