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[Review] Rueban – Stronger Than Ever


Reuban has released his new solo album titled “Stronger Than Ever” and I had an opportunity to give it a listen for review.  Rueban is from Hyderabad, India and he describes his music as “a blend of hardcore, punk and alternative metal with lyrics that focus on sharing the message of finding hope, strength and salvation through Jesus Christ.”

The first thing I noticed when listening to this album was the spoken word intro to the opening track “Strength Through Faith” which is of someone quoting scripture. Once the music begins it is apparent that this album takes a bold lyrical approach and does not hold back when it comes to the Word of God, which is something I tend to find refreshing in a world where Christian music is sometimes indiscernible from secular music.

Rueban’s music reminds me of the day when the rap/rock fusion was popular in the 90s and early 2000s or “rapcore” as it was sometimes called. I must be honest though and note that there were a few times throughout the album where I thought I was still listening to the same song, but in reality I was a few tracks ahead. That’s not to say the album was boring, it’s not a bad album by any means, however I feel that the tone and sound of the guitar doesn’t seem to have a very wide range, so as a result the guitar sometimes feels a little repetitive and over time if you’re not careful it can become background noise.

The thing I enjoyed most album this album was the honest and bold approach to the lyrics, this is the driving force that kept me interested in progressing through the album. I realize there are some listeners who will have an opposing preference to the lyrics, but the lyrics left me feeling like my spirit had been fed, and that’s a good thing.

I think Rueban will continue to improve his sound and musical structure and I look forward to seeing his future releases.  If you support independent music and you like honest, heartfelt lyrics that uplift God then you may want to give this a listen.

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2 thoughts on “[Review] Rueban – Stronger Than Ever”

  1. Samuel says:

    I believe God will do things using such music, to encourage ppl who love punk rock and alt.metal, like me. Well, me born and raised in hyderabad , i just hope ppl here would Come to know Jesus Christ. Even, More artists and bands who carry a burden for the lost, like bro. Reuben whom i appreciate, God bless u.
    I pray for more revival in this metal scene in India too!!! <3

    • Rueban says:

      Thank you Samuel for the support. I truly appreciate your comments and we; the band hope to meet you in person someday, probably at one our shows. God Bless.


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