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Saviour Machine III Coming Soon!


Yesterday a teaser video went live on social media suggesting that there will be a new Saviour Machine album released in 2018. It has also been confirmed that this will not be a part of Saviour Machine’s “Legend” series which was themed after the book of Revelation in the Bible, but this will be a continuation of their first two albums titled Saviour Machine I and Saviour Machine II. Saviour Machine is a gothic band that formed in 1989 and released several albums before beginning a saga of albums known as “Legend” which comprised of Legend I, Legend II, and Legend III:I and an as of yet unreleased (at least not officially) Legend III:II. In addition to these there were several live albums released as well as a live DVD set, Live in Deutschland which is to date the best live DVD I have seen for any band.

Keep a lookout for more news from Saviour Machine as 2018 nears.


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