Blood ‘n’ Metal Radio

Hosted by:

John Carthew

John Carthew (RIP)

In April 2018 John passed away and went to be with the Lord. He had traveled to the Rainbow Rock Festival and passed shortly after arriving. Anyone who interacted with John could instantly feel his passion and exuberance for all things in life. He was especially passionate about Jesus, metal and his family. We were all shocked to hear the news, and while John’s show “Blood n Metal Attack” never quite made it off the ground he will live on in our memories forever. John was very excited about being a part of Reanimated Radio and about starting his own radio show.

As such, we will be keeping his staff page as a testament to his life and involvement here. Below I have preserved his original bio he wrote for the site, as I dont think it would be right for us to erase his writings:


“Blood ‘n’ Metal Radio is about glorifying and sharing the Gospel Of Christ through a Heart of Metal! Having been an extreme metal head for 35 years and being inspired by death metal, black metal and thrash, that is exactly what you will hear on Blood ‘n’ Metal. The show will also include some grindcore and hardcore.

Expect to hear established bands like Crimson Thorn, Corpse, Deliverance, Horde, Unashamed and The Crucified; while bringing in the sounds of the emerging underground and featuring bands such as Supresion, Hating Evil, Uncaved and Skald In Veum. If it’s loud, fast and heavy then expect nothing but the most extreme sounds on the Blood ‘n’ Metal show. Blood ‘n’ Metal will also feature shout outs, competitions with cool give away prizes, scripture readings and requests. Sharing the person and message of Christ through brutal and extreme music!”

Saturdays 1:00PM – 3:00PM (CST) COMING SOON!!


  • Saturday - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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