Metal For Christ/Unblack Horde

Hosted by:

Larry Versaw

Larry Versaw

Metal For Christ/Unblack Horde is a combination of the two separate Metal For Christ podcasts come together into one live show.  Metal For Christ has always been a format that plays a variety of Christian extreme metal, Christian metal, Christian classic metal and Christian rock and even alternative.  Metal For Christ has even had theme shows such as featuring a certain country or part of the world or even a certain style of Christian metal.

Metal For Christ: The Unblack Horde was a spin off of the original podcast and features ONLY unblack metal or that often mis-named Christian black/death metal in which unblack has some elements of death metal making it fit in both genres.  Encompassing all forms of unblack from extreme raw to high quality production to the industrial side this version of the show has it all.

Now here on Reanimated Radio BOTH entities combine into one.

Alternating each week between Metal For Christ and the Unblack Horde every metal fan is sure to find something that they will enjoy.  Tune in every wednesday at 6pm CST and get ready to get into the pit.

Thursdays 7:00PM – 8:00PM (CST)



  • Thursday - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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