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Named for the time period during which an old forum chatbox was almost exclusively occupied by Aussies, The Aussie Hour started in 2009 with a rather strict format of sets of death, black, doom, Gothic, folk, and thrash, along with a weekly “something different” set for music not from the aforementioned genres. The show originally catered mainly to Aussie listeners, during an Aussie night time slot.

Over the 7 years since, the station aired on, times, and music diversity have changed, along with changes in listenership, with The Aussie Hour having gained a very international listenership, especially European and South American listeners, during the last 2 years. The Aussie Hour is now a rather eclectic mix of everything from death and black metal, to metal core and even small amounts of hardcore (Mainly Aussie bands) being played. There is also a healthy dose of DOOOOOOOOOM-y Goodness each week. The show retains a strong emphasis on Aussie music, but also includes music from all around the world, including much sung in the native languages of the bands.

Sundays 6:00AM – 10:00AM (CST)



  • Sunday - 4:00 am - 8:00 am


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