The Masters Metal

Hosted by:

David Garrison

David Garrison

The Master’s Metal was originally aired from 1994-1996 via a college (cable) radio station (KBCC). The broadcast was also carried, for a short time, on two terrestrial FM radio stations (KRAB and KHIS). The format included Christian Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

November 2009 saw the rebirth of the broadcast via internet on Blabber Jesus Radio/Untombed Radio, Metal Blessing Radio, Spirit Metal Radio and Stonepunk Radio. The show can now be heard exclusively on Reanimated Radio.

My focus is the same to as it was in the beginning; entertain and edify all of those who listen as I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through to medium of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal!

Editions of the show alternate weekly between “Brutal” (Death, Black, Extreme, Slam, Grind and etc) and “Heavy” (Power, Progressive, Thrash, Doom, Folk, Traditional, Nu-Metal and etc). By request I also spin other genres including Punk, Hard-Rock, Industrial and etc.


Saturdays 7:00PM – 9:00PM (CST)
Currently on hold




  • Saturday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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  1. Denis Coursol says:

    WHEN IS Your next show scheduled to air???


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