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Staff Spotlight: Larry Versaw


staff spotlight-Larry

This week’s staff spotlight is on Larry Versaw!

Larry first discovered Christian metal in the late 1980s and quickly became a fan of bands such as Barren Cross and before long his music collection ranged from Degarmo and Key to Crashdog, to anything heavy he could find. Eventually when the music scene began to shift more toward hardcore he quit buying music until the 2000s, at which point he discovered black metal and fell in love.

Larry began the Metal for Christ and Unblack Horde shows and eventually began hosting the ROXXcast podcast. Larry co-owned Sanctus Gladius Radio along with David Garrison until changing laws forced it to shut down. Now Larry’s new home is on Reanimated Radio!

You can catch Larry every week on Wednesday at 8:00PM (CST)


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