I’m Necromanicide (Necro) and come from the fictitious land of Tasmania! (Yes, I once tried to get a flight from the USA back to Tasmania, and the US travel agent insisted they couldn’t sell me an airline ticket to a fictitious place *facepalm* )

I got into metal in the mid-late 1990’s thanks to discovering bands such as Mortification, Metanoia, Paramaecium, Narnia, Saviour Machine, and Horde. I went through phases of liking death metal, then a black metal phase, and eventually settling on doom metal as a favourite genre during the late 2000’s.

I come from a traditionalist Anglican background, and in my church serve as Verger (Wielder of the “One True Whacking Stick”) and Synod Representative (Where I am known for taking on the Diocesan Advocate and Chancellor in debates over grammar and punctuation in legislation).

I have developed an interest in all things dark ages – high medieval, which has resulted in a growing collection of viking and medieval armour and weapons turning up around the house 🙂 Other interests include walking, photography (including infrared photography), Star Trek, doccumentaries, and laser tag, which I do regularly with my two boys.
10 Bands:

– Forsaken
– Гевал
– Illuminandi
– Inside Mankind
– Mortification
– Paramaecium
– Saviour Machine
– Terraphobia
– Vials Of Wrath
– Virgin Black