Larry Versaw

Larry Versaw


Metal For Christ / Unblack Horde Wednesdays @ 8pm

My first Christian rock/metal exposure was in the late 80’s The Oklahoma City station played bands like Petra, Sweet Comfort Band, Whiteheart, Rez Band and Stryper. When I moved out of the house to live in Nebraska with my grandparents I got involved in the youth group there and even though I was 20 it was better than hanging out with the adults that were 20 years older than me. On a youth retreat I was introduced to a band called Barren Cross. I loved it and soon found myself spending all my money at the Christian book store on cassette tapes. I quickly got into bands such as Living Sacrifice, Sacrament, Deliverance, Believer, Betrayal, Paramaecium, Vengeance Rising and Mortification. My addiction to Christian music had begun. I found my collection to range between Degarmo and Key through L.S.U. and Crash Dog to the heaviest I could get my hands onto. When I moved to the Kansas City area to go to college I kept on going to the bookstores and pawnshops for more music and got to see many of those bands live in the area. But then the music scene changed; It went more towards hardcore, Focused, The Blamed, Unashamed were the top three and really the only ones I cared for, the style had changed and I didn’t like it, I quit buying music. Fast forward to the early 2000s, after over a decade of not buying new Christian music I FINALLY got a computer and was introduced to sites where I quickly found out that the bands I liked, some of them actually were still making music and the style I liked was still around and finally growing larger. And of course I had missed this new style called black metal, I fell in love. I found internet radio stations that actually played this stuff; Christian Hard and The Cross Stream, and I listened and started buying music again. After tuning in to Metal Pulse Radio on Blabberjesus radio station and listening to The Master’s Metal I really wanted to share the music I loved with others as well. David Garrison of the Master’s Metal taught me how to do it and soon after Metal For Christ was started. I didn’t stop there, I moved to Metal For Christ the Unblack Horde and ended up hosting the ROXXcast podcast as well. Me and David Garrison started Sanctus Gladius Radio and the podcasts turned into Live shows and for some 4 or 5 years Sanctus Gladius was on the air until the laws were changed. I am now bringing Metal For Christ to the Reanimated Radio airwaves in hopes that many will not only find the hope and solace they are looking for in music and in life and enjoy the music that I am so passionate about, but that they will find that hope and solace through the message that is in this music and that they will find it in Jesus Christ who is the Author of life and the message that is sang about in this great music we call Christian metal.

Top 10 favorite bands:

Well now this one is hard. It will likely be different every time I am asked, As I love so many. I will try to be all genre encompassing here.

1. Frost Like Ashes
2. Morgarten
3. Vials Of Wrath
4. Elgibbor
5. Paramaecium
6. Agonal
7. Vengeance Rising
8. Living Sacrifice
9. Sacrament
10. Sacred Warrior

I know that there are MANY others I could and would include if I could do more than 10 and that list WILL change just about every time asked but those are true go tos everytime.